Simulcast at 1st United Methodist Church – Oviedo, FL

A Full Summer of
Ministry for Men.

Virtual • June 1 – August 31, 2021
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Connecting Men with Jesus to Impact Your Community

A Rebirth

of Men’s Discipleship

The Big Picture: Wesley Brotherhood was birthed with the mission of helping men grow into committed disciples of Jesus Christ and to build relationships among Christian men.

Wesley Brotherhood is committed to providing a roadmap with a variety of resources for men to local churches, helping them build an effective ministry to and through men, connecting men with Jesus to impact your communities.

This is not your Grandfather’s men’s ministry!

“The Worst Thing  About Change Is Not Change Itself… It’s When You Realize The Change!”

Change is hard! But change is necessary. We can’t expect different results without doing something different. That’s why our team has fought so hard to change the culture of our ministry to men. What worked in the past, was ideal for the past. That’s no longer the case. We have to move forward and be faithful to God’s call on us. 

John Delaney
Past President & Co-Founder
Wesley Brotherhood