Earlier in my business career, we rarely used one-on-one “Annual Reviews” to plan the coming 12 months. Planning was a little closer to “fly by the seat of your pants” on a weekly, monthly, or maybe quarterly basis and “fix and adjust as you go” on a daily basis. But that is not the way successful businesses, non-profits, and other organizations operate anymore. Rather, successful organizations review the current year and make adjustments so that the coming year will grow and reach new heights. At the same time, we discuss long-term strategies from 18 months to 5 years.

In the company I have worked with since 2004, we have increased annual revenue by literally ten times over the last 15+ years. We measure and celebrate success and we measure and analyze why something may not have been working in a lot of different ways. But the single most important tool we use to improve our company is to understand the internal and external data we accumulate … and to roll up our sleeves and go through the “Annual Review” both as individuals and as departments. During an “Annual Review,” it is imperative that everyone is honest with exactly what has happened in the last 12 months. If you do not admit you have room for improvement you are admitting you are going backward. So, be brutally honest about where you are as a men’s ministry and make plans to improve.

And this methodology of using an “Annual Review” really is the same for men’s ministries at the local church level. The leaders need to come together and look at where their ministry really is and the direction it is going. Now is the time for brutal honesty that leads to creating a strategy to upgrade and improve for the coming months and coming years. Use your “Annual Review” to document your journey as you bring more and more men into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. By doing this successfully your men will make a difference in their local community. Wesley Brotherhood has 3 free options to download online our Start-Up Guide (new men’s ministry), our Annual Review (covers most men’s ministries), and our Annual Review 2.0 (for currently successful men’s ministries). Never hesitate to reach out to me directly for a free consultation on your local church men’s ministry.

Serving Christ with my Brothers,

Michael Maxwell
Wesley Brotherhood
Vice President & Co-Founder
Mobile: 904.625.7883