Community Service


This ministry started in the heart of Rev. Steve Painter when he saw local Churches in disrepair without the “manpower” to take care of some of the basics and to help with their curb appeal.

Things like repainting the stripes in parking lots / pressure-washing the sidewalks and the sides of the buildings / repaint the exterior as needed and the interior of the buildings / clean the carpets and the flooring / deep clean kitchens and bathrooms. We keep it safe and stay away from electrical updates, roofing and things that would require a permit. What this ministry has evolved into is “What are the skillsets of the men and how do we use them to take care of some of the needs in the community?”

Who needs assistance: Community Centers & Parks, Churches, Animal Shelters, Homeless Shelters, to name a few. This ministry can involve almost anything but one of the most popular is building wheelchair ramps. One of the most surprisingly popular mission field ministries is the repair of bicycles and giving them away throughout the year but especially at Christmas.

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The Youth in our Local Church is overall more aware of our environment and are looking for opportunities to work with their Church family. A Community Clean-Up Day is a perfect partnership opportunity for our men to reach the next generation while doing something great for the community. Great locations would include a local park, community center, homeless shelter, humane society, etc.

Regardless of their age, the men can bring important supplies such as donuts, biscuits, water, juice, and whatever the youth director recommends.

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In our local Churches in Florida, we have always had local families in our community that struggle with the costs involved in purchasing school supplies throughout the year, especially in August. Make a difference by organizing a Back-to-School Drive.

Start by reaching out to the principals at your local elementary, middle schools, and high schools and offer to deliver basic school supplies. Their teachers can make sure the supplies go to the students and families in need. Then work with your Church staff on visible collection locations for 3-4 weeks prior to school. Then organize the supplies and deliver them to campus(es) before classes start.

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