Wesley Brotherhood has created a toolbox of ministry partnerships to bring those resources to men throughout Florida. Whether you are struggling with an addiction or you desire to grow as a husband, father, and friend, let us connect your church or community group with these powerful resources.

Wingman Nation

John Delaney: Wesley Brotherhood Wingman Nation Liaison

Wingman Nation provides a sustainable model for connecting men with Jesus and each other. We believe that the church-based and community-based models are ideal for developing and maintaining a regularly scheduled connection with men. In addition to the weekly meetup model, Wingman Nation provides access to a library of thousands of Biblically-based videos to help you equip and disciple men.

Contact John at 941.323.4908 or


Men's Ministry Leadership Coaching

Michael Maxwell: Wesley Brotherhood Coaching Coordinator

In 2021 it’s more important than ever for churches to upgrade their ministries to men. New strategies are required and resources that help churches reach out to more men in their communities are critical – especially the next generation of men. Wesley Brotherhood has just what you need to accomplish these goals. Wesley Brotherhood co-founder, Michael Maxwell, has been working with men’s ministry leaders for over 25 years. Whether your church is in startup mode or has an established men’s ministry, Michael can coach you through the steps toward success in person or virtually.

Contact Michael at 904.625.7883 or

Men's Ministry Training

Jim Boesch: Wesley Brotherhood’s Men’s Ministry Trainer

Training programs are available for both pastors and laity including Understanding Men’s Ministry: a training course based on No Man Left Behind that helps churches expand their ministry to all men in the church and communityLead Like Jesus Encounter Workshop, a servant leadership development training program founded by Ken Blanchard, author of “The One Minute Manager”; Spiritual Style and Ministry Passion Assessment; Amending Through Faith: a domestic violence prevention study; and more. Jim Boesch (GCUMM deployed staff) is a certified facilitator and master trainer.

Contact Jim at 407.721.0416 or

All Pro Dad

Terry Sisco: Wesley Brotherhood All Pro Dad Coordinator

All Pro Dad is a group of people passionately committed to bringing intentional focus to fathers around the world. Their message will inspire you to embrace who you are, give you tenderness of heart, and boldness of character as a dad and husband.

Kairos / Healing the Trauma of the Incarcerated

Steve Kennedy: Wesley Brotherhood Prison Ministry Coordinator

Wesley Brotherhood has a dedicated prison ministry specialist dedicated to serving prisoners on the inside, family on the outside, and those being released back into society. Ask us about bringing “Healing the Trauma of the Incarcerated” to your church or community organization.

Scouting Ministry

Randy Nunley: Wesley Brotherhood Scouting Coordinator

Nurturing children, teens, and families through outreach and evangelism and incorporating them into the life of the church offers tremendous, eternal results for the youth, their family, and the Church.

Prayer Ministry

Patrick Dapaah: Wesley Brotherhood Prayer Advocate

In 2021 we will be sponsoring an opportunity for a full year of radical prayer, including a list of prayers for the occasions when you don’t know what to pray. Prayer is powerful!