Men's Ministry Support


Wesley Brotherhood


  •  Circuit Riders – $25-$99
    In the earliest years of the United States, clergy were assigned to travel on their horses around specific geographic territories to minister to settlers and organize congregations. Circuit Riders were primarily clergy in the Methodist Episcopal Church, amongst other related denominations.
  •  Holy Club – $100-$499
    John Wesley started the “The Holy Club” in November of 1729 at the University of Oxford. John, his brother Charles, George Whitefield and others met during the week to discuss the classics, share scripture and pray together. The title “The Holy Club” was a title bestowed upon them as an insult.
  • Christmas Conference – $500-$999
    In 1784, John Wesley dispatched Thomas Coke from England to meet with Francis Asbury and oversee the founding of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America. Every Methodist preacher in America left their homes and their parish on Christmas Eve to go to the Lovely Lane United Methodist Church in Maryland. So it was that the Christmas Eve Conference of 1784 established Methodism for the first time as its own denomination. So even though the movement began in England, as a church Methodism was born at the Lovely Lane Chapel in 1784.
  • Aldersgate Experience – $1000+
    According to his journal, John Wesley found that his enthusiastic gospel message had been rejected by his Anglican brothers. Heavy-hearted, he reluctantly attended a group meeting that evening in a Moravian chapel on Aldersgate Street in London. It was there, while someone was reading from Martin Luther‘s Preface to the Epistle to the Romans, that he felt that his heart was “strangely warmed”.