All Pro Dad is a ministry founded by Super Bowl winning Head Coach Tony Dungy. For one hour each month you’ll get to join other dads and kids at school for a fun, memory-making event. With nearly 1200 All Pro Dad Chapters around the country, primarily in Elementary Schools, this provides a monthly opportunity for dads to spend quality time with their children that will strengthen their relationship.

The results have been better grades, enhanced creativity, fewer behavioral issues, and stronger father-child relationships. Since 2002, the All Pro Dad Experience has been held over 100 times in more than 30 MLB, NFL, NCAA stadiums.

To learn more about All Pro Dad please reach out to Wesley Brotherhood’s All Pro Dad enthusiast and community leader Terry Sisco at 813.787.7355 or email him at



“If you look at the numbers that describe Young Life, you will see a growing worldwide movement of volunteers and staff making a daily difference in the lives of middle, high school, and college students. As we faithfully pursue the plans and strategies for Forward, we seek to increase our global impact through focusing on our four mission strategies of Deeper in Christ, Together, Innovation and Growth.

Both within your Church and within the community the Wesley Brotherhood encourages men to be involved and support their local Church youth program and great ministries in the local community such as Young Life.

For more information, please call them at 877.438.9572.



CRU Campus is here to help middle school and high school students thrive in all areas of their lives, whether in school with friends, or in their spiritual lives. We are full-time and part-time staff members, interns and volunteers who join hands with parents, educators, churches, and community leaders.

We mentor students and equip them to build healthy relationships, make good choices, and grow closer to Jesus. Our team members also serve coaches, teachers, counselors by offering motivational talks for classroom settings, clubs, teams, and ways to assist in other ways to enhance the educational process.

Both within your Church and within the community Wesley Brotherhood encourages men to be involved and support their local youth program and great ministries in the local communities like CRU.

For more information, please contact CRU through their website:



Hosting a Next Generation Men’s Rally is a great opportunity to work with your local Church youth program and make a difference for the next generation of young men in our communities.

What does this involve? First, simply meet with your youth director to get their input and buy-in. We recommend hosting this event on a Saturday morning and keeping this fast-moving from start to finish. Start the morning with simple snacks like donuts, biscuits, water, and OJ. Begin with some upbeat contemporary music and a challenging message to encourage these young men to further their walk with Christ.

Offer some smaller breakout sessions on subjects their youth director believes would be beneficial for the young men in the Church. End the 2-3 hour event with contemporary music and group prayer that gives men the opportunity to lift prayer concerns.

For more information, email